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Dr Pixie McKenna backs the Consumer's right to choose their own medicines campaign!

Date posted 01/10/2010

Right to choose your medicine

The right to choose campaign will highlight the consumerís right to choose their own medicines. This will be launched through a wide range of media channels to help create a platform for the products aiming to provide consumers with the information needed to make knowledgeable decisions about their treatment. Dr Pixie McKenna will be giving her opinion on alternatives medicines & therapies relating to several well known ailments. more

Bionorica joins forces with the College of Medicine

Date posted 01/01/2010

Bionorica are pleased to be associated with the College of Medicine and look forward to being part of their continued activity in providing the much needed information for GPs with regards to herbal medicines. more

Herbs on Prescription?

Date posted 01/04/2011

New research shows 82 per cent of us would like our doctors to suggest a clinically proven herbal remedy for PMS, Menopause, Anxiety or Cystitis before prescribing drugs, which often have side effects. more

Change Naturally

Date posted 08/02/2011

Fight menopausal symptoms with your diet and natural supplements, says Dr Pixie McKenna more

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