Body Brushes

Anti cellulite

Body Brushing is a vital part of your anti cellulite routine.

Body Brushing improves skin tone, stimulates circulation, can help to kick start your metabolism and helps to break down cellulite.

The natural hair bristles are perfect for sensitive skin and the handle of the brush is made with FSC sustainable forest certified Beech wood.

How to use

Body brush on dry skin every morning before showering starting at your ankles work your way up your legs using gentle sweeping movements, until you reach the upper thigh.

Then, start brushing the fingertips, working up the arm, to the shoulder and upper chest, brushing towards the lymph nodes in the armpits. Avoid the very sensitive areas of the chest and face.

Brush over your back and finish by brushing the abdomen in clockwise motions.

It is important to follow the proper direction in which the circulation flows, which is towards the heart. If you brush away from the heart you may increase pressure in the small lymph vessels and capillaries and risk damaging these delicate structures. Do not brush over varicose veins or sensitive areas.

Pack size: 1 Body Brush

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